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17-V Input, 6-A, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Voltage Converter


The TPP20608x is a series of 17-V, 6-A output,synchronous, step-down, switch-mode converters with integrated power MOSFETs.

The TPP20608x series employs current mode control supporting simple external compensation and flexible component selection. With the integrated phase-locked loop, the TPP20608x series can synchronize with external clock source with wide frequency selection, optimized for efficiency, physical dimensions, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Protection and diagnostics features protect the device as well as the system power supply. By using open-drain power-good output, the system is able to distinguish if the output supply is within the target voltage range. Soft-start features, which control the output ramping, can be set independently by an external resistor or to sequencing/tracking mode. Current-limit and overtemperature protection improve system-level robustness.

  • Status


  • Rating


  • VIN (V)


  • Output (V)


  • Max Output Current (A)


  • Control Mode

    Peak Current Mode

  • Switching Frequency (kHz)


  • Feature


  • Temperature Range (℃)

    -40 to +125

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