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Battery Management System (BMS)

Vehicle mounted power batteries are the power source of electric vehicles, with high capacity, high energy density, complex working environment, long service life, and high reliability requirements. The Battery Management System (BMS) is designed to ensure the safety of the power battery during vehicle operation, manage the charging and discharging of the power battery, and maximize its efficiency. Its main functions include monitoring battery parameters, evaluating battery status, fault detection and alarm, charging and discharging control, battery thermal management, etc.
3PEAK provides a rich range of analog products, including signal chains, interface chips, ADC/DAC, digital isolation, power management, gate drive, system monitoring and reset, voltage reference, etc., covering voltage, current and temperature detection, power switch driver, auxiliary power supply, system operation diagnosis and protection, CAN communication and other application requirements, providing users with a complete set of BMS solutions.

Battery Management System (BMS) Block Diagram & Products

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