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Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner, also known as automatic ground machine, intelligent vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner, etc. The body of Robot vacuum cleaner is cable-free, mainly in disk type, using rechargeable batteries as offline power supply, generally can set a time to schedule cleaning, and can charge itself. The body has a variety of sensors, can detect obstacles, such as touching the wall or other obstacles, will turn itself, and according to different manufacturers set, take different routes, equipped with radar relying on intelligent algorithms can achieve automatic planning and cleaning, leaving no dead corners, because of its simple operation function and convenience intelligent, now has slowly spread to the family.
We can provide a variety of signal processing, radar functions, power management, motor drive, system monitoring and reset analog products required for Robot vacuum cleaners, to provide users with a one-stop analog solution.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Block Diagram & Products

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