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Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

ATE is widely used in the performance and defect detection of semiconductor chips in the production process, including wafer testing and package testing, which can effectively screen out defective products and avoid flowing into the next process. It is an automatic test equipment, by input electrical, thermal and various physical signals to the chip, and then collecting the output of the measured chip and comparing with the set value, reflecting the performance of the chip under different working conditions.
Due to the special application of ATE equipment, it will have a very high requirement for chip selection in the product design process. 3PEAK has focused on the industrial field for many years, and has a wide range of product layouts, including but not limited to operation amplifier, AD/DA, interface, isolation, power supply, etc., with leading product performance and excellent quality control capabilities, Deep cooperation with a number of well-known customers in the test and measurement segment industry.

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) Block Diagram & Products

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