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Router is a hardware device that connects two or more networks, serving as a gateway between them. It is a specialized intelligent network device that reads the address in each data packet and determines how to transmit it. Routers can understand different protocols, such as Ethernet for a local area network and TCP/IP for the internet. Therefore, routers can analyze the destination address of data packets from various types of networks, convert non-TCP/IP network addresses to TCP/IP addresses, or vice versa. Based on selected routing algorithms, routers then transmit data packets along the optimal route to the specified destination. This allows routers to connect non-TCP/IP networks to the internet.
3PEAK offers a diverse range of analog products for routers, including signal chains, interfaces, digital isolation, power management, gate drive, system monitoring, and reset functions. These products cover application needs such as RS232 interface communication, IIC expansion, auxiliary power supply, system operation diagnostics, and protection, providing users with a one-stop analog solution.

Router Block Diagram & Products

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