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Grow with 3PEAK

Write a New Chapter In Your Future

Job Types

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    Business Professionals
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    Technicians and Operators

Letter from the CEO

At 3PEAK, we recruit elite performers from around the globe and create an environment for rapid development and sustainable growth for employees. Every one of our colleagues is our long-term partner. We insist on making the best products and devote ourselves wholeheartedly to this effort. 

We are looking for innovative, passionate, and talented people to join our team. Together, we look forward to pioneering new product solutions and contributing to the future progress of our planet.

CEO, Dr. Jiangang Wu

Talent Development

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    Comprehensive Development Channel

    We respect each employee and help them grow with our company. Not only do we have a dual career path for our employees, both managerial and professional, but we also have a special tech ladder for technical talent. All employees, regardless of function or specialty, get a clear and long-term development goal at 3PEAK.

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    Rich Training Programs

    3PEAK has set up targeted training programs for new employees, college graduates, management, high potential employees, technical specialists, and other groups. All employees have the option to participate in training programs at various stages of their careers and keep growing with professional and systematic learning opportunities.

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    Vast Learning Resources

    The 3PEAK Academy platform encompasses a huge amount of learning resources, covering a full range of internal and external courses in business, technology, management, culture, and other subjects. While working at 3PEAK, you can start learning anytime and anywhere through the 3PEAK Academy platform. Over 1,000 online courses are available to meet the personalized development needs of each person, providing you with the opportunity to recharge your knowledge and grow to new levels.

Staff Activities

3PEAK pays great attention to every employee’s physical and mental health. Our free gym and recreational equipment are available to everyone at 3PEAK. We have various clubs such as badminton, table tennis, tennis, basketball, yoga, dance, etc. to encourage all employees to actively exercise. In addition, we also organize various activities such as team building, annual travel, and corporate celebrations, so that every employee can work in a pleasant atmosphere.

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