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The vertical lift has a car that runs between at least two vertical or rigid rails with an inclination of less than 15°. The elevator works by using gravity and air pressure to control the elevator's ascent and descent. The operating mechanism of the elevator is mainly composed of three parts: the motor, the control system and the suspension system. The operation mechanism of the elevator is: when the passenger presses the button, the control system will pass the command to the motor, the motor will convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy, control the elevator rise and fall. The suspension system is responsible for supporting the weight of the elevator and ensuring the safe operation of the elevator.
3PEAK provide a wide range of linear, interface, power management, system monitoring, drive and isolation analog products, covering motor current detection op amp, inter-board communication RS485/CAN/RS232, system power supply DCDC/LDO and power monitoring, Darlington drive, digital isolator/isolation CAN/ isolation RS485 and other application requirements. To provide users with one-stop simulation solutions.

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