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Data Converter

We provide Analog to Digital converters and Digital to Analog converters to customer, including high accuraccy, high speed, integrated & special function converters.

Key Product Features

  • Product Portfolio

    3PEAK has a rich converter product portfolio, including high-precision ADCs/DACs (resolution covering 12~24bit), high-speed ADCs/DACs (refresh rate up to 125MHz), and specialized converters for specific applications, providing customers with a wide range of choices for their applications.

  • Performance & Robustness

    3PEAK's Converter products have excellent linearity and noise performance at various resolutions and sampling speeds, as well as a wide range of digital interfaces and integrated functions, and cover an operating temperature range of -40~125°C. With excellent ESD performance and reliability, they provide customers with stable and reliable product performance.

  • Support Resources

    3PEAK's Converter products provide a wealth of evaluation boards and professional documentation to help customers quickly get started and evaluate product performance. In addition, 3PEAK's Converter products provide reference designs for specific applications, helping customers to complete their system design more easily and achieve the expected performance.

Product Categories