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It is a 3.3V Multipoint-Low-Voltage Differential (M-LVDS) line driver and receiver, the data rate is up to 200 Mbps with ±8kV ESD protection. The receiver detects the bus state with a differential input of 50 mV over a common-mode voltage range of -1 V to 3.4 V. Type-2 receiver includes an offset threshold to provide a known output state under open-circuit fail-safe, idle-bus fail-safe. The receivers exhibit 25 mV of differential input voltage hysteresis to prevent output oscillations with slowly changing signals or loss of input.

Key Product Features

  • Data rate

    Up to 200Mbps MLVDS, and 400Mbps LVDS.

  • ESD

    8KV ESD protection.

  • Protection function

    Fail-safe function in type-2.