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Electronic Smart Lock

The basic structure of the smart door lock is to use the motor to drive the mechanical lock core to rotate, so as to replace the traditional key manual unlocking. Smart lock is a combination of traditional door locks, electronic information technology, biometric technology, Internet of Things technology, etc. Built-in embedded processor and intelligent monitoring system, greatly improve the efficiency of opening and closing doors, while the door lock security alarm and other aspects are also more perfect. At present, the mainstream high-end smart lock products can be opened by six ways, such as face, fingerprint, password, swipe card, key, and mobile phone remote unlock.
3PEAK offers a wide range of linear, power management, battery management, drive and other analog products, as well as master control MCUS. It covers the application requirements of fingerprint detection comparator, system power supply DCDC/LDO, Battery Linear Charger and motor drive, main control MCU and so on, providing users with one-stop analog and digital solutions.

Electronic Smart Lock Block Diagram & Products

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