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3PEAK Isolation Product Matrix with Full Range of Safety Certificates


Adhering to the idea of independent development and innovation, and relying on innovative technologies and superior resources in the field of isolation products, 3PEAK has accumulated abundant technology patents for invention, including basic isolation, transmission circuits, process optimization and new packaging. So far, we have launched product families for digital isolators, isolation interfaces, isolation sampling, and isolation drive, which have been recognized by the market and customers. In addition, 3PEAK automotive isolation products have all passed the third-party AEC-Q100 reliability certification.


3PEAK Has a TDDB Lab Dedicated to Isolation Products

3PEAK has established a TDDB lab specially for isolation products. The lab houses the high-voltage TDDB test system independently developed by 3PEAK. This system can implement 24/7 fully automatic TDDB testing for isolation products for months or even longer.。

3PEAK Products Are Certified to a Full Range of Safety Standards Including VDE, TÜV, UL, CSA, CQC, and CB

To meet the needs of customers in different countries and regions around the world, all 3PEAK isolation products (both industrial and automotive) are certified to the safety standards such as VDE, TÜV, UL, CSA, CQC, and CB. UL and CSA primarily target North America, including customers in the United States and Canada and products exported to North America. CQC is the safety certification that mainly applies in China. IEC CB is the safety certification that is generally used worldwide. VDE and TÜV mainly target customers in Europe and products exported to Europe.

VDE is an authoritative third-party safety certification body in Germany. The latest safety certification standard is VDE 0884-17. The VDE 0884-11 version is obsolete and no longer in use. All industrial and automotive isolation products of 3PEAK are certified to the VDE 0884-17 standard.