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3PEAK Unveiled High-Voltage, High-Precision, and Zero-Drift Instrumentation Amplifier TPA1286 to Expand Its Amplifier Portfolio


3PEAK (stock code: 688536), a semiconductor company focusing on the development of high-performance analog chips and embedded processors, has unveiled TPA1286, a new instrumentation amplifier adopting 3-op-amp topology, and is based on high-voltage, high-precision, and zero-drift operational amplifiers as the core.TPA1286's built-in precision resistors enable the device to have excellent DC accuracy, high common-mode rejection, and low gain error.

    • Power Supply Range: ±2.25 V to ±18 V

    • Temperature Drift ≤ 0.2 µV/°C

    • Noise Peak-to-peak of 3.3 µV over the Frequency Range of 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz

    • Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) up to 80 dB or more (@1 kHz, Gain=1)

    • Built-in RFI Filter, with Ideal Protection against Radio Frequency Interference