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High-Side NFET Driver for 48-V Battery Pack


The TPB76200 device is a high-side NFET driver integrated with a charge pump for a 48-V battery pack. It improves the safety of the battery pack by disconnecting the charging or discharging path at the battery-positive terminator. It avoids high-voltage broking communication ports by continuous ground. The device has a pre-charge or pre-discharge FET control. It can be used as a precharge FET control to charge a depleted battery and to slow the inrush current when a large bulk capacitor load is connected to the battery pack.

The independent enable inputs allow CHG and DSG FETs to be controlled by the battery pack analog front-end device or microcontroller.

The TPB76200 device is compatible with TPB76016, which is a 17-cell battery pack analog front-end device.

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    -40 to +125

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