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±250-mV or ±50-mV Input Isolated Amplifier


The devices are precision, isolated amplifiers with an output separated from the input circuitry by capacitive silicon dioxide insulation barrier.

The common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) of the devices has been significantly enhanced through innovative circuit design and optimized structure.

The input of the devices is designed to connect to shunt resistors or other low-voltage level signal sources. The excellent performance of the device supports accurate current control in motor control applications. The feature of the devices detecting whether high-side supply voltage is missing or not simplifies system-level diagnostics.

The devices are available in WSOP8 and SMP8 packages, and are characterized from −40°C to +125°C.

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  • Product Family

    Isolated Amplifer

  • Features

    G = 8.2,Differential Output

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