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Automotive Fault Protected LIN Transceiver with WAKE and INH


The TPT1021 is a local interconnect network (LIN) physical layer transceiver that compliant to ISO 17987-4, SAE J2602 and LIN 2.0, LIN 2.1, LIN 2.2, and LIN 2.2A physical layer standard. LIN is a low-speed universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) communication protocol that supports automotive in-vehicle sub-networks.

The device supports LIN networks up to 20 Kbps with the enhanced timing margin. The device converts the transmitted data received at the TXD with the optimized slew rate to minimize the electro-magnetic emission (EME) and reports the state of the LIN bus at the RXD.

As designed, the device features overvoltage and loss of ground protection from −45 V to +45 V, over-temperature shutdown. The device has low-current standby and sleep mode with LIN BUS wake-up and local wake-up capability via the WAKE_N or SLP_N pin. The INH pin of the device is used to control voltage regulation to reduce system-level power consumption. The device integrates a pull high resistor for LIN slave applications and ESD protection which allows applications to operate with a reduced dependence on external components. Additionally, all devices include many protection features to enhance the device and network robustness.

The TPT1021 is available in SOP-8 and DFN3X3-8L packages and is characterized from −40°C to +125°C.

  • Status


  • Rating


  • Protocol


  • Supply Voltage(V)

    5.5 to 40

  • Bus Fault Protection Voltage(V)

    −45 to +45

  • Max Data Rate(Kbps)


  • Channel


  • Feature

    INH pin,WAKE pin

  • BUS Contact ESD (kV)


  • Package



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