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3-Channel Simple Power Sequencer


The TPK1032 series products are simple power sequencers, which provide power-up and power-down sequence control of multi-channel power supplies. Furthermore, the TPK1032 series support maximum three devices cascaded to control sequence of nine-channel power rails in one system.

The TPK1032 series products have three open-drain output channels, and all the channels can be pulled up to any required voltage level equal or lower than VCC. When the TPK1032 series are enabled with EN pin goes high, the three output channels turn to high with the sequence of FLAG1-FLAG2-FLAG3 after the selected delay period individually; When the TPK1032 series are disabled with EN pin goes low, the three output channels turn low one by one with the selected sequence after the selected delay period individually.

The TPK1032 series products provide SOT23-6 package with guaranteed junction temperature range (TJ) from –40°C to +125°C.

  • Status


  • Rating


  • VCC (V)

    2.7 ~ 5.5

  • Timing  Control

    11ms, 30ms, 60ms, 120ms, 2ms, 16ms

  • Power-up Sequence Control


  • Power-down Sequence  Control


  • Open-Drain  Output


  • Output Voltage (V)

    0 ~ VCC

  • Channel


  • Junction Temperature Range (℃)

    -40 to +125

  • Package


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