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Low Quiescent Current Supervisory Circuits with Programmable Reset Delay


The TPV8318 is a family of supervisory circuits to monitor a voltage rail from 1.6 V to 5 V, asserting an active low open drain RESET output when the VDD voltage drops below the reset threshold or when manual reset pin MR is logic low. The RESET output remains low for the user adjusted delay time by an external capacitor after the VDD voltage returns above the fixed threshold with a 150-mV hysteresis or manual reset MR returns to logic high.

The threshold voltage of the TPV8318 device can achieve 1.5% accuracy. The delay time can be set to 430 µs to 150 ms by connecting the external capacitor to the CT pin. The TPV8318 has a very low typical quiescent current of 2 μA.

The TPV8318 is available in the SOT23 package, and its operating temperature range is from -40°C to +125°C.

  • Status


  • Rating


  • Power Consumption(μA)


  • Power Supervisor


  • Manual Reset Input


  • Watchdog


  • Power Fail Input  (PFI)


  • Reset Timeout Period (mS)


  • Watchdog Timeout Period (S)


  • Reset Output Polarity

    Low Active

  • Reset  Output Type

    Open Drain

  • Temperature Range(℃)

    -40 to +125

  • Package


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