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48-V 8-Ch Smart Low-side Driver Array with Diagnostics and CRC


The TPM8866 provides an 8-ch low-side driver with channel-independent protection and diagnostics. It has a low a RDS(ON) MOSFET array with free-wheeling diodes to support all kinds of loads, resistive, inductive, and capacitive. It supports dual high-voltage supplies, VM, and VCLAMP.

It supports a high-speed serial interface with a daisy chain and CRC to individually control and diagnose each channel. Over-current protection, short circuit, and open circuit allow the controller to protect the system and identify faulty loads. Open-drain fault output allows the controller to respond to fault senario with interrupt input.

Communication CRC, register map CRC and register lock feature can prevent accidental changes by noises in the industrial environment and improve system reliability. Multiple devices can be connected in daisy-chain configuration to save MCU I/Os. The device also provides undervoltage lockout and over-temperature shutdown protection.

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    Shift-Register Interface,Open-Load,Short Protection,Fault Mask,CRC

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