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3PEAK Unveiled CAN Transceivers Supporting the Selective Wake Up Frame — TPT1145xQ Series


3PEAK (stock code: 688536), a semiconductor company focusing on the development of high-performance analog chips and embedded processors, has recently unveiled the first automotive CAN transceivers supporting the selective wake up frame in China — TPT1145xQ series.

The TPT1145xQ series complies with the ISO 11898-2:2016 standard. The IEC 61000-4-2 contact discharge ESD capability of the products reaches 10 kV, representing the international leading level. In addition, the TPT1145xQ series has passed the conformance testing of C&S Group. The TPT1145xQ series supports the selective wake frame, a wake-up function for use in LAN. The TPT1145xQ series is widely used in automotive CAN networks, including automotive terminal products such as automotive electronics, power systems, onboard infotainment systems, and ADAS.

The Communications & Systems Group (C&S Group for short) was established in Germany in 1995. C&S Group has more than 25 years of experience in the development and testing of automotive network communications. C&S Group is an authoritative certification body recognized by the industry for testing communication interface interconnectivity, conformance, and compatibility. It has extensive cooperation with many world-leading well-known automotive enterprises. The certification reports issued by C&S are also widely recognized by the industry.

Passing the C&S conformance and interoperability testing means that the CAN transceiver can interoperate with the upstream and downstream devices of the CAN bus of the vehicle and can directly and seamlessly communicate with other C&S-certified CAN transceivers without the need to conduct the cumbersome compatibility tests for the vehicle.


TPT1145 C&S Test Report