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3-μA Ultra-Low Static Power Consumption! 3PEAK Announces TPL8031Q, a High-Voltage LDO Featuring Auto-Grade Ultra-Low Static Power Consumption!


3PEAK (stock code: 688536), a semiconductor company focusing on high-performance analog chips and embedded processors, announced the TPL8031Q, a next-generation high-voltage linear regulator featuring auto-grade ultra-low static power consumption. TPL8031Q boasts performance advantages, including support for a wide input voltage range of 3 V to 42 V, ultra-low static power consumption of 3 μA, and multiple optional packages. It can be widely applied in various automotive scenarios requiring 12-V battery power, especially in low-power standby automotive applications.

Advantages of TPL8031Q

Ultra-Low Static Power Consumption

TPL8031Q has a shutdown current of less than 1 μA, with a typical quiescent current of only 3 μA. Its low power consumption mode performs exceptionally well, making the regulator particularly suitable for various applications with high requirements for standby power consumption, such as rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlights.


TPL8031Q Quiescent Current Curve

Wide Selection Range for Output Capacitance

Supports 1 μF to 200 μF output capacitance and 1 mΩ to 10 Ω capacitance ESR, offering a broad output capacitance range for easier circuit design.


Wide Input Voltage Range and Low Dropout Voltage

In complex automotive scenarios, a primary power source must meet a wide operating voltage range. TPL8031Q features an ultra-wide operating voltage range of 3 V to 42 V, maintaining a stable voltage output within this range. It also has a low dropout voltage of 440 mV under a 200 mA load, meeting the requirements of low-dropout applications.


Various Packages for Easy Design

Available in EMSOP-8, DFN3X3-8, and SOT223-3 packages, customers can choose a package based on practical application needs to optimize the overall module's heat dissipation design, achieving a better balance between performance and cost.


Typical application of TPL8031Q

TPL8031Q supports a wide input range from 3 V to 42 V and a 300-mA output current. It features ultra-low static power consumption, various protection functions, and multiple packages, making it suitable for a broad range of automotive applications requiring 12-V system power.


Typical Application Circuit for TPL8031Q