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3PEAK High-Efficiency Switching Power Supply Products for Communication and Industrial Applications


3PEAK, a chip design company focusing on analog and embedded processors, has launched a series of high-efficiency and high-performance switching power converters for industrial and communication markets. 3PEAK provides customers with a one-stop solution by creating synergies with its analog products such as operational amplifiers and analog-to-digital converters.

3PEAK's switching power converter product line covers topologies of buck, boost, isolated power supply, and flyback. Among them, a series of high-efficiency and high-performance buck converters have been launched to meet diversified application requirements, and provide a full set of power supply solutions for communication and industrial applications.

TPP60508: 60 V, 5 A non-synchronous buck converter

TPP20608: 17 V, 6 A synchronous buck converter

TPP36208: 36 V, 2 A synchronous buck converter

TPP36308: 36 V, 3 A synchronous buck converter