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3PEAK Launches Wide Input Voltage Buck TPP36308, Supporting Multiple Topologies!


3PEAK (stock code: 688536), a semiconductor company specializing in high-performance analog chips and embedded processors, has introduced its new wide input voltage buck product, TPP36308. The key advantages of the TPP36308 include a wide input voltage range of 4.5 V to 36 V, a continuous output current of 3 A, a selectable operating frequency, and light-load modes. The product is versatile, suitable for application in photovoltaic inverters, servo drives, security monitoring, building intelligence, smart home appliances, and industrial automation.


TPP36308 Typical Circuit

TPP36308 Efficiency Test

In industrial applications where the overall power consumption of the circuit design is crucial, TPP363080 demonstrates exceptional efficiency. Operating under conditions from 12 V to 5 V with an output range of 10 mA to 3 A, it consistently achieves efficiencies above 90%, peaking at 96%. This meets customer demands for high efficiency under various load conditions.


TPP363080 Efficiency Test

TPP36308 Temperature Rise Test

TPP36308 features a high-power density and compact TSOT23-6 package (2.90 mm × 1.60 mm) and can replace products in SOP-8 and TO-220 packages in low-power applications. This allows customers to save on-board space, aligning with the trend towards smaller product designs. Under test conditions with a 25°C ambient temperature, 12-V/24-V input, and 5-V@1.5-A output, the chip case temperatures were 43°C and 48.7°C, respectively.


12 V to 5 V@1.5 A


24 V to 5 V@1.5 A

TPP36308 Application Recommendations

TPP36308 has already been widely used in photovoltaic inverters and robotic vacuum cleaners. 3PEAK provides comprehensive power solution offerings for these applications.


Auxiliary Power Control Board Power Solution for a Photovoltaic Inverter


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Power Solution

TPP36308 Multiple Topology Schemes

To cater to a broader range of applications, 3PEAK also offers TPP36308 in topologies beyond the classic buck. These include inverting buck-boost, ISO-buck, and flyback, and 3PEAK can recommend specific peripheral parameters based on customer applications. Typical application circuits are as follows:


TPP36308 Inverting Buck-Boost


TPP36308 ISO-buck


TPP36308 Flyback