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3PEAK Strategically Positions Itself in the New Era of Embedded Processors, Unleashing New Potentials!


As various industries demand new levels of intelligence, networking, and green energy efficiency, the growth in demand for smart terminals in sectors such as smart homes, smart appliances, energy storage, and electric vehicles has surged. This has directly fueled the explosive demand for the two major chip categories: MCUs and analog chips. According to data from Omida, the global demand for embedded microprocessors reached $103.6 billion in 2021, with MCUs accounting for $23.3 billion, and various analog chips totaling $80.5 billion. In 2022, although the global demand for embedded microprocessors slightly decreased to $102.3 billion, MCU demand is surging, reaching $27.9 billion, a nearly 20% increase compared to 2021. The demand for various analog chips also rose to $90.9 billion, a nearly 13% increase from 2021.

In line with this market trend, in July 2021, 3PEAK officially established the MCU Business Unit, entering a new track of embedded processors. Combining product and technological advantages, 3PEAK continues to shape and develop new potentials.

Founded in 2012, 3PEAK has deep technical expertise and products in the analog industry. With a product portfolio covering over 1,600 series in categories like signal chains and power management, its products include amplifiers, data converters, interfaces, power management, reference voltages, power monitoring, and other devices. These products serve various fields, including new energy, automotive, communication, industrial, and healthcare, with successful collaborations and case studies with leading clients both in China and internationally. Expanding into the realm of microprocessors is a significant step for 3PEAK in its pursuit of becoming a respected leader in the semiconductor industry, particularly in analog and embedded solutions.

Choosing the Right Track, Gathering Strength for Launch

Since its establishment, the MCU Business Unit has focused on orienting itself toward customers and the market, as well as continuously striving for excellence. Building two major MCU platforms for industry and automotive applications, the MCU Business Unit gradually introduced mixed industry and automotive product series, deeply cultivating the broad industrial market and strategically expanding into the automotive market.

1 + 1 > 2, Creating Value for Customers

As a newcomer in the market, 3PEAK understands that gaining customer recognition requires creating products of value, rather than simply copying products or reducing costs. This approach enables customers to comprehensively integrate our products into their design processes and quickly bring them to market.

Key Strategies for TPS32 Product Roadmap

1: Product Differentiation: Develop Products Around Vertical Applications.

2: Leveraging Analog Advantages: Provide Highly Coupled Solutions with Analog Products in Segmented Markets.

Development Concept of the TPS32 Series MCU Products

Platform-Based Layout

Considering target application requirements, select a technology platform suitable for product planning in the next five to eight years. Design competitive platform-based IPs to achieve rapid expansion and iteration of product series. Currently, more than 39 analog digital IPs have been independently developed, with 15 patent applications submitted.

Standardization of Testing Platforms

Aligning with the product roadmap characteristics, choose suitable testing platforms. Develop standardized testing systems to shorten the cycles of product testing and mass production.

Automation of Design Processes

Increase the automation of design, chip validation, data collection, and other processes to reduce error rates and shorten the cycle from product design to mass production.

Systematic Product Design

Ensure consistency and compatibility in the expansion and derivation of products on the roadmap, enabling customers to easily use them.

Design Goals for the TPS32 Series MCU Products

More Comprehensive:

Cover a broader range of target customer application scenarios through simulation and testing.

More Cost-Efficient:

Achieve a smaller footprint, reduce peripheral BOM devices, and optimize the BOM cost for system applications.

Lower Power Consumption:

Minimize power consumption without increasing costs.

Faster Performance:

Optimize existing process nodes to achieve faster clock frequencies while balancing size and power consumption.

Enhanced Robustness:

Optimize IO and ESD loop designs to enhance chip robustness under extreme testing conditions, ensuring performance with 6 KV+ HBM.

Complete Ecosystem Support

For TPS32 series MCU products, 3PEAK provides comprehensive development system kit support, including hardware development boards, software development tools, SDKs, third-party tools, and our proprietary GUI development tools.



 GUI Development Tools

Collaboration for Mutual Success

Since the inception of the TPS32 series embedded microprocessors, 3PEAK has received strong support from many leading customers in the industry. They have shared valuable knowledge about vertical applications and provided practical application cases, greatly benefiting our product development. We express our special thanks for their enthusiastic assistance!

3PEAK will continue to collaborate with customers, designing and providing analog and embedded products and solutions with comprehensive competitiveness. Together with our customers and partners, we aim for mutual success in the future!