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3PEAK Wins Prestigious VDE Premium Quality Award!


On December 5, 3PEAK was honored with the Premium Quality Award by the Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), an internationally renowned and authoritative testing and certification organization.


This award reflects 3PEAK's commitment to providing reliable, high-quality, and high-standard products and services to its global customers. Dr. Ying Feng, a co-founder of 3PEAK, and Mr. Wu Zhongxuan, General Manager of VDE China, along with representatives from both parties, attended the award ceremony. Additionally, they engaged in thorough discussions on industry insights and future collaboration, exploring new opportunities to jointly drive the high-quality advancement of 3PEAK's products and serve their global customers.

VDE Safety Certification

VDE, with a history spanning over 125 years, has always been at the forefront in its field, setting standards, promoting safety, and driving innovation. As a globally authoritative testing and certification body and standard setter, VDE is dedicated to fostering cross-disciplinary development in electrical engineering and electronic information technology. It promotes the growth of innovative applications, offering high-quality technical exchanges, education and training, standard setting, and professional testing and certification services. VDE ensures the safety and efficiency of electronic and electrical equipment usage, safeguarding high-quality living standards. VDE safety certification is highly regarded internationally in the electrical and electronics industry. It is widely recognized and respected by manufacturers and official bodies in Europe and globally for its credibility and authority.


Since 2020, 3PEAK and VDE have collaborated on product exchanges and cooperation in isolation series products. To date, several categories have undergone VDE safety certification, including basic digital isolators, enhanced digital isolators, isolated CAN, isolated I2C, isolated ADC, isolated RS-485, isolated operational amplifiers, and isolated drivers. Furthermore, 3PEAK has established a Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown (TDDB) lab specially for isolation series products. The lab houses the high-voltage TDDB test system independently developed by 3PEAK. This system can implement 24/7 fully automatic TDDB testing for isolation products for months or even longer.