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TPS32 ARM-based Industrial Microcontrollers

32-bit Arm® Cortex® based Microcontrollers
Integrate rich features to create a high-performance, high-reliability, high-quality, and high-robustness platform, making it the best choice for a broad range of industrial applications


The TPS32 ARM-based industrial microcontroller portfolio adopts 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M33 with FPU. This portfolio provides key advantages of integrated high-performance and high-precision analog technologies (including TPSensor®, ADCs, DACs, operational amplifiers, comparators, etc), a rich set of peripherals, memory, and package options that can fulfill a wide spectrum of application needs.

TPSensor® is a best-in-class 3PEAK capacitive sensing technology that enables high-resolution, high-reliability, robust noise immunity, and low-power consumption for touch sensing solutions.

Along with its optimized software libraries, algorithms, and development tools, the comprehensive TPSensor® ecosystem makes your design as easy as winking!

TPS32 ARM-based industrial microcontrollers follow industry standards required by 3PEAK quality criteria to ensure normal work in harsh conditions.

  • Base Line

    Small factor form, easy to use, cost-effective

    Offer essential features to meet a wide range of  application demands

  • Mainstream Line

    Optimal balance functionality and performance

    Offer scalable features, memory sizes to meet a wide spectrum of application requirements

  • Performance Line

    High performance and rich functionalities

    Accelerate processing performance to meet high-speed and real-time applications

      • Coming soon...
      • Mainstream Line, up to 156MHz, 2MB of Flash, and 336KB SRAM

      • Mainstream Line, built-in TPSensor® capacitive sensing technology
        up to 156MHz, 2MB of Flash and 336KB SRAM

      • Coming soon...