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TPS325M5 Series

Mainstream Line, built-in TPSensor® capacitive sensing technology
up to 156MHz, 2MB of Flash and 336KB SRAM


The TPS325M5 series adopts Arm®v8-M architecture-based STAR-MC1 core, which is compatible with Arm® Cortex®-M33 instruction set. The TPS325M5 Series is a Mainstream Line member of the TPS32 mixed-signal industrial microcontroller family with built-in 3PEAK TPSensor® capacitive sensing technology. We offer comprehensive portfolios with 3PEAK-powered integrated analog and rich peripherals to fulfill various application needs.

  • Performance

      • 32-bit STAR-MC1 core with FPU based on Arm® v8-M architecture

      • Compatible with Cortex®-M33 instruction set

      • Operation clock frequency up to 156 MHz

      • 8KB Data Cache / Instruction Cache

      • 64KB ITCM / 32KB x 2 DTCM

      • Dual DMA with eight channels each

  • Memory

      • 512KB to 2MB Dual Bank Flash memory allows read-while-write (RWW) capability

      • Readout protection (RDP) and write protection (WRP) for Flash memory 

      • 144KB~336KB SRAM memory 

      • 32KB systems memory with integrated bootloader

  • Analog

      • One 12-bit ADC with 14-external and 6-internal channels,resolution up to 12-bit at 2.5 Msps

      • One 12-bit DAC channels, up to 1 Msps, 2x buffered external channels 

      • Two fast rail-to-rail analog comparators (CMP) with built-in 6-bit DAC for internal voltage reference

      • Two operational amplifiers (OA) that can be used in PGA/buffer/GP mode

      • Up to 17 channels TPSensor® with high noise immunity

  • Timers

      • Five 16-bit and one 32-bit general purpose timers, each with 7 x PWM channels

      • Three 16-bit advanced timer for motor control with up to 7 x PWM channels per each, dead time regeneration and emergency stop

      • IWDG and WWDG

      • SysTick Timer

      • Real Time Clock with Calendar

  • Serial Interfaces

      • Two I2Cs fast mode plus (1 Mbit/s) with 20 mA current sink, SMBus/PMBus, wakeup from stop mode

      • Seven UARTs (LIN, MODBUS) with DMA support

      • Three SPIs with DMA support

      • One Quad SPI

      • One CAN 2.0B

  • Low Power Consumption

      • Ultra-low static and dynamic power consumption by fine-tuning multiple low power modes:

          - Sleep, Stop, Standby and Shutdown modes

          - up to 3.0μA @standby mode with RTC 

          - up to 2.6μA @shutdown mode with RTC and 16KB retention RAM

  • Security

      • 96-bit unique Chip ID

      • Cyclic redundancy check (CRC32)

      • True random number generator (TRNG)

      • AES: 128/192/256-bit key encryption hardware accelerator

      • HASH: SHA-1 / SHA-2, MD5

  • Supply Voltage

      • 1.71~3.6V

  • Temperature

      • -40 ~ 85℃ and -40 ~ 105℃

  • Package

      • LQFP100, LQFP80, LQFP64, QFN88

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