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Simplify MCU Development: 3PEAK TPS32 MCU Ecosystem


With more and more abundant and complex features MCU is now having, today's MCU can realize more diverse applications.

MicroControllers (MCU) have powerful functions. They can not only display beautiful user interface (UI), but also play audio and video files smoothly. In terms of algorithm processing, MCU can perform complex tasks such as encryption and decryption, control algorithm, signal filtering, and even artificial intelligence. In addition, the MCU is effectively connected to the real world through built-in analog peripherals.

The capabilities of MCU has increased so many, which has created much challenges for engineers for system development. They need to deeply understand the intricately technical details of the project while meeting tight development schedule. This undoubtedly increases the complexity and difficulty of their work.

To help engineers meet these challenges, 3PEAK has introduced the TPS32 MCU development ecosystem to simplify the MCU development process to reduce development time and improve development efficiency. The TPS32 MCU ecosystem makes development more straightforward and efficient by providing a range of tools and resources.

The TPS32 MCU ecosystem is shown in the following figure, which mainly includes:

  • Various kinds of development boards

        - Prime Board
        - Expansion Board
        - Demo boards, which are used to demonstrate or test specific features, such as touch, NFC
        - Solution boards to implement application-specific solutions (e.g., smart locks, digital power)

  • TPS32 MCU Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • PC software tools

        - TPS32 Programmer (programming tool)
        - TPSensor® Designer

  • Third-party tool support

        - IDE (KEIL/IAR) chip support package
        - JLINK/DAPLINK simulator support
        - Gang Programmer support


Development Boards

Prime Board

The Prime Board contains a TPS325M5177Q MCU which is with ARM® v8-M architecture 32-bit STAR-MC1 core, 2MB Flash and 336KB SRAM, onboard DAP Link debug interface, USB to UART chip. ARDUINO® Uno extension interface (used to connect an extension board or other board that conforms to the ARDUINO® Uno interface).


Expansion Board

The expansion board is mainly used to provide some serial communication and analog expansion interface, including 32Mbit SPI Flash, 2Kbit I2C interface EEPROM, TPR3333 voltage reference chip, TPT1256 high-speed CANFD transceiver, audio Codec, and so on. Microphone/headset/speaker interface and two TPSensor® keys. 


Demo Board

TFT LCD and TPSensor® demonstration board

8bit/16bit 8080 interface TFT LCD screen with 480x320 resolution, 32MB QSPI Flash, 5 touch buttons and 1 slider TPSensor®; Demo code includes LVGL graphics library and the open source libJPEG library. The picture resources are stored in off-chip QSPI Flash through the LittleFS file system.


TPSensor® demonstration boards

It includes different kinds of touch function demonstration boards (including touch buttons, sliders, rings, proximity sensors, etc.). Users can demo code of TPSensor® in TPS32 SDK and combine with TPSensor® Designer tools to quickly start to realize the touch functions required in specific applications.


Solution Boards

  • Smart Lock solution board

The reference solution board tailored for smart lock applications covers some of the most basic functions needed by smart lock applications (such as touch, fingerprint, NFC card, voice alert, low power consumption, etc.), helping customers quickly and efficiently migrate the application layer code of smart lock and complete the end product design.


  • Smart Lock Product Design Kit(PDK)

The Development Kit (PDK) is based on the framework of the TPS32 SDK, and adds middleware support for the main functions in the smart lock application (including touch library, fingerprint library, voice decoding library, NFC card reading library, OTA upgrade, etc.). Also included are hardware/firmware reference design documents for the smart lock solution (e.g. NFC, Touch) as well as important test result documents.


TPS32 MCU Software Development Kit(SDK)

The Software Development Kit (SDK) for the TPS32 MCU includes the following blocks:

  • Chip header file, boot code and link script file

  • Chip peripheral driver

  • Board level support package

  • RTOS and middleware (such as LVGL, FatFs)

  • Demo Code

  • SDK API documentation

The TPS32 SDK provides an easy-to-use API, efficient low-level drivers, application-specific code libraries such as touch, a rich set of reference code, and doxygen-based API documentation to make developing embedded code easier.

SDK directory


Rich Demo Code


Doxygen-based API documentation



PC Tools

TPS32 Programmer

It provides TPS32 MCU Flash on chip programming function, support SWD (through DAPLink) or UART interface programming, support Flash controller Option Byte configuration and modification.


TPSensor® Designer

TPSensor® design and debugging tools, including:

1. Create and configure TPSensor capacitive touch components (such as buttons, sliders, rings, proximity sensors) to related touch channels

2. Set the corresponding configuration parameters and generate the code

3. Observe touch data in graphical interface through UART interface to adjust touch component configuration parameters



3Party Supporting Tools

IDE(KEIL/IAR)Support Pack

The latest TPS32 MCU SDK supports KEIL MDK 5.37 and IAR Embedded Workbench 9.40.2, which can be downloaded from Development Tools from 3PEAK website.



Segger JLINK support pack for the TPS32 MCU can also be downloaded from Development Tools from 3PEAK website, and TPS32 MCU support pack for the DAPLINK emulator is included in the TPS32 Programmer tool.

Gang Programmer

3PEAK has also cooperated with leading Gang Programmer manufacturers to add batch programming support for TPS32 MCU, as shown in the following figure:





All TPS32 MCU ecosystem related materials can be downloaded or accessed from the TPS32 Embedded Development Center

The TPS32 MCU is now in mass production, please contact your local 3PEAK sales team or email to for any business requirements. If you have any technical requests or questions, please contact