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Serial Communication Ver.1 Expansion Board

Expansion Board for serial communication functionalities exploration, commonly working with Prime Board


The expansion board can work with prime boards with standard expansion connectors. Comprehensive documentation, software libraries, and code examples are provided to bring out the full potential of the board.

The Serial Communication Expansion Board provides the opportunity to explore additional serial communication functionalities.  It can work with TPS325M51-A Prime Board.

Board key features:
    • 32 Mbit SPI Flash
    • 2 Kbits I2C EEPROM
    • Regulable potentiometer for ADC input
    • CAN transceiver
    • Audio Codec with I2C/I2S interfaces
    • Microphone input, headphone jack or 2-pin 2.54 mm speaker connector
    • Dual TPSensor® Pads with 2 indicator LEDs


What’s Included

Development Resources