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TPS325M51 Ver.A Prime Board

Prime Board for Mainstream Line of TPS32 ARM-based Industrial Microcontrollers


The prime board is easy to use with user guides, design files, development tools, and comprehensive software code examples. Prime Boards can be flexibly used as standalone, with expansion boards for more functionalities, or even with various ARDUINO® shields.

TPS325M51 Ver.A Prime Board is perfectly appropriate for fast prototyping with the mainstream line of TPS32 ARM-based industrial microcontrollers' feature sets.

Board key features:

TPS325M5177Q32-bit STAR-MC1 core with FPU based on Arm® v8-M architecture, compatible with Cortex®-M33 instruction setOperation frequency up to 156 MHz2MB Flash, 336KB RAMLQFP100 packageUSB to UART bridgeOne power LED and one user RGB LEDOne user and one reset push-button32.768 kHz ELS crystal oscillator24 MHz EHS crystal oscillatorBoard connectors:USB with Micro-B for power supply and USB to UART bridgeDebug connector with SWD and UART interfaceARDUINO® Uno expansion connector2.54 mm pin headers for full access to all I/OsFlexible power-supply options: USB VBUS, VIN from expansion board or external DAPLink sourcesSoftware libraries and examples


What’s Included

Development Resources