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A Complete Set of High-Performance and High-Reliability Automotive Chip Product Solutions from 3PEAK


As a chip design company focusing on analog and embedded processors that sticks to an innovative, positive product design concept, 3PEAK is dedicated to delivering high-performance, high-quality, and rather reliable products to customers. With its strict requirements for quality, it has been well recognized by customers in the pan-communications and pan-industrial fields. 3PEAK has also been working comprehensively on automotive-grade products for many years and has now introduced several types of automotive chips into the automotive electronics market where fine quality is highly favored.

As is known to all, the operating environment of automobiles is relatively complex with a wide temperature range. The AEC-Q100 reliability test standard that provides specifications on reliability tests for automobiles' electronic components has been launched by the automotive industry, ensuring that automobiles can adapt to the climate of different regions. For example, regarding the temperatures of operating environments, AEC-Q100 defines four grades (as shown in Table 1), among which Grade 0 (the most stringent) requires the chip to work normally at an operating temperature ranging from -40℃ to +150℃, and Grade 1 only requires the chip to work normally at an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to +125°C, with most automotive chips on the market being Grade 1 products.

Grade         Operating temperature range

Grade 0      -40°C to +150°C

Grade 1      -40°C to +125°C

Grade 2      -40°C to +105°C

Grade 3      -40°C to +85°C

The close cooperation between 3PEAK and its upstream partners has facilitated the company to develop continuous production capacity for the automotive chip production line, ensuring the stable delivery of its automotive products to customers and markets. A complete set of PPAP deliverables will be available after the component that fully meets the IATF 16949 quality control standard is in mass production. 3PEAK's automotive products meet Grade 1 reliability test requirements of AEC-Q100 and can also provide PPAP deliverables.

3PEAK's continuous and significant investment in R&D and resources allows it to offer a comprehensive automotive solution for analog and power management components. With the exception of the computing unit, 3PEAK's automotive products can cover almost all units within a base system that consists of power management, sensing, connectivity, motion, and computing units. 3PEAK also offers a range of digital isolation products for isolation between high and low voltages which are commonly found in new energy vehicles, including digital isolators and isolation+ products integrated with other functions, such as isolation drives and isolation CANs.

TPA1882Q-VR-S is a high-voltage precision operational amplifier mass-produced by 3PEAK. It is 3PEAK's first automotive chip that fully complies with the IATF16949 quality control process. It has passed ACE-Q100 Grade 1 reliability test, and offers a full set of PPAP deliverables. Since the beginning of 2022, 3PEAK has released several automotive products, including the TPL910ADJQ series ultra-low noise LDO and the TPT1042VQ series high-performance and high-reliability CAN FD transceiver.