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3PEAK Launches Two New TPS32 MCU Product Series for Mass Production


After two years of dedicated effort and craftsmanship, 3PEAK's inaugural launch of its embedded processor products has arrived as scheduled.

The TPS32 mixed-signal microcontroller leverages 3PEAK's excellent capabilities in mixed-signal processing. It is suited for product development in vertical applications and optimizing product design so customers can differentiate their end products. 3PEAK provides complete development ecosystem support, including easy-to-use embedded software packages, hardware and software development tools, and a third-party cooperative ecosystem. This full-range support throughout the design and development cycle helps shorten design time for customer products and ensures a smooth user experience.The TPS32 mixed-signal microcontroller series adheres strictly to industrial quality standards throughout the design process, making it an ideal choice for broad industrial applications.


This major launch introduces two series under the TPS32 mixed-signal microcontroller family's Mainstream Line, totaling 26 products now officially in mass production.

TPS325M5 Series  
• TPS325M51 subseries
• TPS325M5A subseries

TPS325M0 Series
• TPS325M01 subseries
• TPS325M0A subseries

Product Features

General Features
• Incorporates the STAR-MC1 core based on the Armv8-M architecture, compatible with the ARM®Cortex-M33 instruction set
• Large on-chip memory: Up to 2-MB flash and 336-KB SRAM
• Comprehensive communication peripherals: 7 UARTs, 2 I2Cs, 3 SPIs, 1 CAN2.0B, and a QSPI external storage expansion interface supporting XIP
• High-performance and reliable analog peripherals: Multi-channel 12-bit SAR ADC (ENOB: single-ended 11, differential 11.5) supporting 2.5 Msps, ±2°C internal temperature sensor, 2 high-speed analog comparators, 2 high-bandwidth op-amps, dual-channel output 12-bit DAC
• Ultra-high IO efficiency, supporting up to 87 IO ports
• Ultra-low system power consumption: <5 μA in ultra-low power capacitive touch mode, supporting external interrupts, RTC, and TPSensor® wake-up
• Multiple packages: LQFP100, LQFP80, LQFP64, QFN88

Application-Specific Features

TPSensor® Capacitive Touch Technology
• 17-channel Input
• Ultra-high Precision up to 10 fF
• Exceptional Noise Resistance
• Waterproof and False Touch Prevention
• Low Power Consumption in Sleep Mode with Quick Wake-up

HMI Optimization
• Supports SPI and 8080 Display Interfaces
• Large Display Cache

Target Applications
• Smart Door Locks
• Industrial HMI
• Intercoms
• Smart Home Devices
• Motor Control
• Household Appliances
• Industrial Control

Functional Diagram