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Automotive Grade 1-A Transformer Driver


The TPM6505x/TPM6505xQ is an push-pull transformer driver family for isolated power supplies. It is an open-loop center-tapped transformer driver with voltage range from 2.25 V to 5.5 V. It is designed to optimize for EMC and noise performance.

The TPM6505x family is a simple solution for isolated power supply. The device has internal oscillator that generates switching frequency with spreadspectrum on the dual output channels. It supports 160-kHz (TPM6505A), 420-kHz option (TPM6505B, TPM6505D), and 2.2 -MHz option (TPM6505C) for different EMC requirements. The interleaved dual channel low-side outputs will drive the transformer to generate isolated power supply with maximum 1-A switching current.

The TPM6505x has active-high enable input for low shutdown current. The device also supports syncrhonous clock input. The TPM6505xQ is qualified for automotive grade AEC-Q100 Grade 1. The TPM6505x is qualified for industrial grade.

The TPM6505x device has high efficiency, and 0.23-Ω low on-resistance Rds(ON) output channels. The device has built-in 1.5-A current limit and over temperature protection features to protect the system from hazardous scenarios. The TPM6505x device is available in SOT23-6 package, supporting wide ambient temperature from −40°C to 125°C.

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    Push-pull transformer driver for isolated power,Spread Spectrum,EN,CLK

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